Thryv CRM Software

Thryv CRM Software

Key Features of Thryv CRM Software

Thryv is a comprehensive CRM software that caters to small businesses, offering a range of features designed to manage customer interactions and business operations effectively. The key strengths of Thryv, as reported by users, include its ease of use, excellent customer service, and integration capabilities. Users appreciate the software’s ability to set up and manage posts on social media, its robust email integration, and the convenience of having multiple business functions integrated into one platform. The Thryv CRM software is also praised for its website design team, which adds significant value to the users’ online presence​​.

Some of the unique features of Thryv include:

  1. All-in-One Management: It enables businesses to manage every aspect of their operations and customer interactions from a single screen​​.
  2. Website Integration: Thryv websites integrate seamlessly with online appointment booking, payments, invoices, and online reviews​​.
  3. Business Listings: As a Google Premier Partner, Thryv offers fast setup and verification of Google business listings, helping businesses to grow and establish credibility online​​.
  4. Online Scheduling: Customers can set appointments online, with the system sending automatic appointment reminders via text and email. It also supports payment collection during the scheduling process​​.
  5. Customer Relationship Management: The CRM feature is designed to be user-friendly, helping businesses keep, win, and grow their client base​​.
  6. Marketing Automation: Thryv automates marketing efforts, allowing businesses to communicate with customers via email, text messages, web chat, and more​​.
  7. HIPAA Compliance: The platform meets HIPAA requirements, ensuring the safe handling of protected information​​.
  8. Online Payments, Estimates & Invoicing: The Thryv CRM software supports instant sharing of mobile-ready estimates and invoices, and fast processing of credit card payments​​.
  9. Video Marketing: It offers various options for local business video marketing, including custom-built video, automatically generated video, and video ads​​.
  10. Unified Inbox: Thryv consolidates all customer communications into a single inbox, organizing them for efficient management​​.
  11. Document Management: The system allows for secure uploading, requesting, storing, and sharing of documents​​.
  12. Competitive Payment Processing Rates: ThryvPay offers competitive rates for payment processing, accepting various payment methods​​.
  13. Reputation Management: The Thryv CRM software monitors and responds to online reviews, helping businesses maintain a positive online presence​​.
  14. Electronic Signatures: Thryv simplifies the e-signature process with template creation and real-time status updates​​.

However, some users have noted downsides, including issues with the software’s image selection in posts, slow app loading times, and concerns about customer service quality. There are also functionalities that some businesses may not use, which can clutter the user interface​​.

Overall, Thryv appears to be a versatile and effective CRM solution for small businesses, offering a broad range of features that can be tailored to various business needs.


Thryv CRM software exhibits a range of features and functionalities that are beneficial for small businesses. Users report a high level of satisfaction with Thryv’s ease of use, particularly in its calendar tracking and ability to schedule posts in advance. The integration of various business functions, such as email, and the platform’s overall user-friendly design are frequently highlighted as positives​​.

Several users appreciate Thryv for its comprehensive nature, allowing them to manage different aspects of their business under one roof. The ability to automate social media posts, send automated birthday greetings, and schedule special announcements and campaigns are considered valuable features. However, some users feel that certain functions they don’t use clutter their dashboard​​.

The Thryv CRM software’s integration across different business functions and the support provided by the Thryv team are also commended. Users find the software to be a powerful platform that requires time and effort to master, due to its extensive capabilities. The website design team at Thryv is particularly valued for its contribution to the users’ online presence​​.

While Thryv generally meets the needs of small businesses by tracking accounts, sending estimates and invoices, and aiding in marketing campaigns, some users find specific areas such as the search function in the Billing & Invoicing section and the reporting feature to be less satisfactory. These aspects are described as clunky and cumbersome, indicating room for improvement in the software​​.

Moreover, Thryv’s proactive approach in training users and providing ongoing support is highly praised. Features like client appointment reminders, the ability to categorize clients for different events, and HIPAA compliance are particularly beneficial. The software’s integration with a user’s website and social media platforms, enabling functionalities like auto-posting, adds to its appeal. However, initial limitations in using the same phone and email for multiple users were noted, though a tagging system was later introduced to address this issue​​.

Overall, Thryv CRM software seems to be a robust tool for small businesses, offering a range of features that aid in daily operations and client management. Despite some limitations and areas for improvement, the software’s ease of use, integration capabilities, and supportive customer service contribute to its positive reception among users.


  1. Ease of Use: Thryv is user-friendly, with easy calendar tracking and the ability to set up posts in advance​​.
  2. Effective Integration: Users appreciate the seamless integration of various business functions, especially email​​.
  3. Comprehensive Platform: It offers an all-in-one solution for business management, integrating different aspects under one roof​​.
  4. Website Design: The website design team is highly valued for adding significant value to users’ online presence​​.
  5. Client Appointment Reminders: Features like setting schedules for client appointments and sending reminders enhance user experience​​.
  6. Marketing and Communication Tools: The software offers tools for mass emailing and HIPAA-compliant communications, and integrates well with social media platforms​​.


  1. Random Image Selection: Some users have encountered issues with the system picking random images and sentence fragments that don’t make sense​​.
  2. App Loading Time: There are reports of the app taking more than a minute to load, which can be embarrassing in front of customers​​.
  3. Customer Service Concerns: Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the customer service provided by Thryv​​.
  4. Feature Overload: Certain functions that are not used by some businesses can clutter the dashboard, causing inconvenience​​.
  5. Learning Curve: The extensive capabilities of the platform can be overwhelming, requiring significant time and effort to master​​.
  6. Integration Challenges: Some users need more help with using and integrating features​​.
  7. Limited Search Functionality: The search function in the Billing & Invoicing section is not as efficient as desired by some users​​.
  8. Tagging System Limitations: Initially, the software had limitations in tagging systems for shared email and phone use​​.

In summary, Thryv offers a range of beneficial features like ease of use, effective integration, and comprehensive tools for business management. However, it also presents challenges such as app loading times, customer service concerns, and a steep learning curve for new users.


Thryv is a cloud-based CRM software designed to offer a comprehensive solution for small businesses. Its focus is on customer relationship management, but it goes beyond that by integrating various tools that are essential for modern business management. Here’s an expert perspective on Thryv’s features and capabilities:

  1. Customer Data Organization and Lead Management: Thryv excels in organizing customer data, which is crucial for engaging and nurturing leads. This aspect of the software ensures that businesses can manage their connections efficiently, keeping everything organized and streamlined​​.
  2. Marketing Automation: A key strength of Thryv is its marketing automation capabilities. The software automates tasks across different levels of consumer interaction, from tracking insights and website visits to managing campaign performance and social network outreach. This automation extends to email and social communications, significantly reducing the manual effort required in managing marketing campaigns​​.
  3. Reputation Management: In today’s digital landscape, maintaining a positive brand image is vital. Thryv provides tools for reputation management, including auto-responses for WebForms and real-time metrics and insights. This feature allows businesses to monitor and respond to reviews across various platforms, helping to maintain a strong public perception​​.
  4. SMS Marketing: Thryv includes SMS marketing functionality, which is not commonly found in all CRM platforms. This feature allows businesses to modernize their outreach and communication with consumers, enhancing brand image and trust​​.
  5. Social Media Management: Thryv offers comprehensive tools for managing social media. It enables businesses to automate post publishing, generate responses to consumer inquiries, and provides deep analytics to refine social media strategies​​.
  6. Contact Management and Segmentation: Thryv’s advanced CRM features facilitate targeted marketing. The system allows businesses to segment their audience based on various criteria, providing valuable insights into lead sources and customer behaviors. This information is crucial for personalized marketing efforts and nurturing customer relationships​​.
  7. Multi-Channel Communication and Support: Recognizing the importance of being accessible to customers across various platforms, Thryv supports multiple communication channels including email, phone calls, social networks, text, and WebForms. This multi-channel approach, managed from a single inbox, ensures that businesses can efficiently handle customer interactions without missing important communications​​.
  8. Invoicing and Payment Processing: Thryv facilitates invoicing and payment processing, offering custom receipt creation and integration with major payment platforms like PayPal, Square, and Stripe. This not only streamlines the payment process but also provides flexibility to customers in terms of payment methods​​.
  9. Appointment Scheduling and Management: The software assists businesses with appointment scheduling, providing tools for calendar management, custom event creation, and mobile accessibility. This feature is particularly beneficial for service-based businesses that rely heavily on appointments​​.
  10. Automation of Customer Engagement: Thryv automates customer engagement activities, such as sending birthday wishes, follow-ups, promotions, and scheduling announcements. This automation helps businesses maintain regular communication with their clients, a critical aspect of customer relationship management​​.
  11. Online Branding and Digital Presence: Thryv supports online branding efforts with features like automated marketing, custom-made websites, SEO optimization, and multi-location syncing. This makes it an excellent tool for businesses focusing on enhancing their digital presence and online marketing​​.
  12. Feedback and Response Management: The Thryv CRM software offers tools for response acknowledgement, allowing businesses to track customer feedback and compare their performance with competitors. This feature is crucial for understanding customer perceptions and improving service quality​​.
  13. Collaboration and File Sharing: Thryv supports collaborative workflows, enabling teams to share documents and work together efficiently. The system’s focus on secure encryption and multi-channel support makes it a reliable tool for managing sensitive data and files​​.

In summary, Thryv stands out as a multifaceted CRM tool, particularly suitable for small businesses seeking a comprehensive solution for customer relationship management, marketing automation, reputation management, and multi-channel communication. Its emphasis on automation, combined with tools for social media management, payment processing, and digital presence, makes it a robust platform for managing various aspects of a modern business.


  1. What is Thryv CRM?

    Thryv CRM is an all-in-one cloud-based software designed for small business management, focusing on customer relationship management, marketing automation, social media management, and payment processing.

  2. How does Thryv CRM support marketing automation?

    Thryv CRM automates various marketing tasks, including email campaigns, social media posts, and customer outreach, featuring tools for tracking campaign performance and customer engagement.

  3. Can Thryv CRM integrate with social media platforms?

    Yes, Thryv CRM allows businesses to manage their social media presence by scheduling posts, responding to customer inquiries, and analyzing social media performance, all from a centralized dashboard.

  4. Does Thryv CRM offer appointment scheduling and reminders?

    Thryv CRM includes functionalities for appointment scheduling and reminders, enabling businesses to manage calendars, set custom events, and send automated reminders to clients.

  5. Is Thryv CRM suitable for managing online payments and invoicing?

    Thryv CRM offers a secure system for online payments and invoicing, supporting custom invoice creation, integration with major payment platforms like PayPal and Square, and providing transaction tracking and reminders.

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