Freshsales CRM Software

Freshsales CRM Software

Key Features of Freshsales CRM Software

Freshsales is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform known for its AI-powered sales tools, high-level customization, and affordability. Key features of Freshsales include:

  1. Freddy AI: This AI assistant, available in all paid plans, uses CRM data to forecast revenue, recommend sales activities, interact with prospects, score leads, remove duplicate data, and schedule follow-ups​​.
  2. Contact Management: Offers a comprehensive overview of client interactions and employs AI for scoring contacts and enriching profiles using social media information​​.
  3. Lead Management: Utilizes AI for qualifying leads, setting automatic assignment rules, and providing predictive scoring and forecasting​​.
  4. Pipeline Management: Features a customizable visual pipeline with the ability to create multiple pipelines in higher-tier plans. AI assists in enriching records and forecasting revenue​​.
  5. Reporting and Dashboards: Includes both premade and customizable report builders, with dashboards that can showcase up to six reports​​.
  6. Workflow Automation: Allows for the creation of automated tasks like data entry and sending emails, with a varying number of workflows depending on the plan​​.
  7. Built-In Phone: Cloud telephony service is integrated into all plans, offering features like caller ID and call recording​​.
  8. Chat and Messaging: Live chat functionality is included in each plan, with premium features using AI for more authentic interactions and lead routing​​.
  9. App Integrations: Though limited compared to competitors, Freshsales integrates with widely-used sales tools like Facebook, Mailchimp, Google Workspace, and Office 365​​.

Freshsales is particularly well-suited for startups, small to medium businesses, and call centers, offering multilanguage support and a scalable, cost-effective solution. However, it may not be the best choice for those seeking in-depth reporting, extensive app integrations, and consistent user support​​.

In terms of user experience, Freshsales is praised for its ease of use, simple setup, and clear UI. However, there are some criticisms regarding its customer support and the lack of native integrations​​.

Overall, Freshsales is recognized for providing robust sales features and AI-powered automations at an affordable price, making it a flexible CRM solution for a variety of business sizes and needs​​.


  1. Setup and Usability: Freshsales is easy to set up and use, making it suitable for both beginners and mid-level users. The interface is intuitive, displaying all main menu selections clearly, and includes automatic prompts that guide users through implementation and customization processes​​.
  2. AI-Powered Assistant (Freddy AI): The Freddy AI feature in Freshsales enhances productivity with smart suggestions for deal closure, task management, and lead generation. It offers predictive contact scoring, auto-detection of duplicate entries, and sales forecasting, thereby streamlining the sales process​​.
  3. Workflow Automation: The software excels in automating routine tasks, such as lead and contact assignment, email templates, and sales sequences. This automation capability significantly improves team efficiency and productivity​​.
  4. Territory Management: For Pro and Enterprise plan users, Freshsales provides a sophisticated territory management feature, allowing for effective lead distribution, phone number assignments to territories, and role-based access to CRM records​​.
  5. Customer Support: Freshsales offers comprehensive customer support across all plans, including 24/5 access via phone, chat, and email. Enterprise plan subscribers benefit from dedicated account managers for personalized support​​.
  6. Recommendations and Limitations: Recommended for solo users, small teams, startups, and call centers, Freshsales is particularly effective for businesses needing a free or scalable CRM with robust sales tools. However, it may not be ideal for teams requiring built-in project management tools or low-cost data enrichment tools in lower-tier plans​​.

In summary, Freshsales is well-received for its extensive features, ease of use, and AI-powered tools, making it a strong choice for a wide range of businesses, especially those looking for a cost-effective and scalable CRM solution.


  1. Visual and User-Friendly Interface: Freshsales is recognized for its visually appealing and user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to manage leads and track client interactions​​​​.
  2. Seamless Integration: The software integrates well with other Freshworks products and common services like Office 365 and Google, enhancing its functionality and ease of use​​.
  3. Effective Lead and Sales Management: Freshsales is praised for its lead generation capabilities and sales automation tools, which have contributed to business growth for some users. The system effectively manages leads, prospects, deals, wins/losses, and clients​​​​.
  4. Customization Options: Users can customize Freshsales to fit their sales process, which is particularly beneficial for tailoring the CRM to specific business needs​​​​.
  5. AI-Powered Features and Workflows: The software offers AI-powered lead scoring and workflows automation, enhancing the efficiency of sales operations​​​​.
  6. Free Plan Availability: Freshsales offers a free forever plan, which is beneficial for small businesses or individual users starting with CRM software​​​​​​.


  1. Limited Features in Free Plan: The free plan lacks crucial features like email marketing, file storage, and reporting capabilities, which might be necessary for more advanced CRM needs​​​​.
  2. Integration Limitations: There is a desire among users for more integrations, particularly with social networks and task management tools. The current integration modules are considered limited​​.
  3. Mail Integration and Reporting Challenges: Some users find the mail integration feature less effective, with issues in email synchronization and organization. Reporting and analytics features are also noted as areas needing development​​​​.
  4. Customer Support Quality: The quality of customer support has received mixed reviews, with some users not fully satisfied with the support received​​.
  5. User Interface Navigation: While the interface is generally user-friendly, some users have noted challenges in navigating and organizing screens, especially with the field paging UI​​.
  6. AI Features Mostly in Expensive Tiers: AI-powered insights, a significant feature of Freshsales, are available only in the more expensive tiers, which may not be feasible for all users​​.
  7. Limited Support Availability: Customer support is available only five days a week, which may not be sufficient for businesses requiring more extensive or round-the-clock assistance​​.

In summary, Freshsales CRM is well-regarded for its ease of use, effective lead and sales management capabilities, and customization options. Its free plan and AI-powered features are also notable advantages. However, limitations in the free plan’s features, integration options, and certain aspects of customer support and mail integration are areas where users have expressed a need for improvement.


As of early 2024, Freshsales CRM, now known as Freshworks CRM, continues to evolve as a formidable sales force automation solution, particularly for sales teams with ambitious goals but limited manpower. The software’s key strengths lie in sales pipeline tracking and lead scoring, which are further enhanced by its AI capabilities and extensive customization options.

Key Features and Innovations:

  1. Freddy AI for Enhanced Lead Scoring: Freshsales leverages Freddy AI, a powerful AI engine, capable of scoring leads based on over 30,000 machine learning models. This AI continuously learns from CRM data, providing accurate predictions for lead relevance and conversion likelihood. Freddy AI also analyzes past interactions to guide future communications​​.
  2. Enriched Contact View: The CRM enables a comprehensive view of leads by integrating information from various sources, including social media profiles. This enrichment provides a more immersive experience, aggregating essential data on a single page​​.
  3. Versatile Communication Channels: Freshsales supports a wide range of communication channels such as email, phone, live chats, WhatsApp Business, Apple Business Chat, and SMS. These integrations, though not directly supporting ticketing and customer support features, offer flexibility in customer interactions​​.
  4. Marketing Automation Tools: The software contains tools to facilitate collaboration between marketing and sales teams. This includes a segmentation builder for organizing CRM leads and developing targeted marketing segments for outbound activities like mass email or SMS campaigns​​.
  5. Integration and Customization: Freshsales boasts a wide integration library, including tools like Mailchimp for email marketing and Freshdesk for customer support. Zapier can also be used for integrating additional cloud software programs​​.
  6. Analytics and Dashboard Generation: The CRM comes equipped with a powerful analytics engine capable of generating detailed dashboards and reports. Users can rely on prepopulated templates or create custom reports based on CRM data​​.
  7. Cloud-Based Configuration and Mobile Accessibility: Being cloud-based, Freshsales offers easy setup and configuration. The CRM also has mobile apps for iOS and Android, ensuring the same functionality for mobile sales personnel​​​​.
  8. Support Resources: Freshsales offers extensive support through a dedicated URL, a ticketing system, and a vast library of video and text resources. Enterprise users benefit from a dedicated account manager for issue resolution​​.


  1. Contact Limit in Enterprise Tier: The enterprise tier is limited to managing up to 5,000 contacts, which may be restrictive for larger organizations​​.
  2. Limited Customer Support Features: There are concerns about the limited nature of customer support features offered by Freshsales​​.
  3. Restrictions in Free Tier: The free tier of Freshsales lacks crucial functionalities like email marketing and file storage, limiting its usefulness for some businesses​​.

In conclusion, Freshsales continues to enhance its offerings with a focus on AI-driven sales enablement, extensive customization, and robust marketing tools, making it a strong contender in the CRM market for sales teams. However, certain limitations in its enterprise tier and free plan, as well as customer support features, should be considered by prospective users.


  1. What is Freshsales CRM?

    Freshsales CRM, developed by Freshworks, is an AI-powered customer relationship management software designed to streamline sales processes, improve lead management, and enhance customer engagement through various communication channels and advanced analytics.

  2. How does Freddy AI in Freshsales enhance sales processes?

    Freddy AI in Freshsales uses machine learning models to score leads, predict sales outcomes, and analyze past interactions, helping sales teams prioritize efforts and tailor their strategies for higher conversion rates and more effective customer engagement.

  3. Can Freshsales CRM be customized to fit specific business needs?

    Yes, Freshsales CRM offers extensive customization options. Users can tailor the CRM interface, create custom workflows, segment leads based on specific criteria, and integrate with various third-party applications to align the software with their unique business processes and requirements.

  4. Is Freshsales CRM suitable for small businesses or startups?

    Freshsales CRM is ideal for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses and startups. Its scalable architecture, affordable pricing tiers, and a free plan option make it accessible for smaller companies, while its advanced features cater to the growing needs of expanding businesses.

  5. What kind of customer support does Freshsales provide?

    Freshsales offers comprehensive customer support through email, phone, live chat, and a ticketing system. Additionally, it provides an extensive library of video tutorials and text-based documentation to assist users. Enterprise users receive the added benefit of a dedicated account manager.

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