Kylas Sales CRM Software

Kylas Sales CRM Software

Key Features of Kylas Sales CRM Software

Kylas Sales CRM is a comprehensive enterprise-grade Customer Relationship Management software, adept at fostering the growth of various businesses. It is particularly noted for its user-friendly interface, secure technology, and expert assistance. Kylas streamlines sales processes by efficiently managing leads, deals, and accounts, and monitoring pipeline progress. Its customizable layouts, automation workflows, and extensive reporting capabilities make it a robust tool for pipeline management. This CRM software integrates seamlessly with communication channels like email, phone, WhatsApp, and SMS, and offers connectivity with various business applications through its marketplace. It’s also accessible via mobile apps, providing real-time insights and notifications for effective on-the-go sales management​​​​.

The software is ideally suited for startups, freelancers, small to large enterprises, non-profit organizations, and personal use. Its deployment options are diverse, including cloud, SaaS, web-based, mobile (Android, iPhone, iPad), and desktop (Mac, Windows, Linux, Chromebook), as well as on-premise solutions for Windows and Linux​​​​.

Kylas CRM’s pricing model is subscription-based, starting with a free version and offering three growth plans: Embark, Elevate, and Exceed. The Embark plan is free for unlimited users, limited to 1,000 records. The Elevate plan costs approximately $175 per month, including unlimited users and expandable record storage up to 100,000, while the Exceed plan is priced around $1,000 per month, offering additional features like phone support and an account manager. The software also provides extra expert help, such as onboarding and training, at an additional cost​​.

The feature set of Kylas CRM is extensive, including API, activity dashboard, tracking, alerts/notifications, calendar management and sync, campaign management, collaboration tools, contact and customer databases, customizable forms, reports, templates, data import/export, document storage, drag & drop interface, email management, marketing, templates, forecasting, lead capture, distribution, generation, management, nurturing, qualification, segmentation, mobile access, monitoring, opportunity management, performance metrics, pipeline management, quotes/estimates, real-time data, sales forecasting, reports, social media integration, task management, template management, territory management, and workflow management​​.

User feedback highlights the software’s ease of use, user-friendly interface, efficient data representation, multiple integrations, and effective dashboard for analyzing team performance. However, some users have noted the need for more customizable fields, the software’s ongoing development phase, and occasional difficulties in use by sales representatives. Specific advantages include seamless lead funnel management, proper reporting and analytics, and improved overall productivity. Conversely, the abundance of unneeded features and notification issues have been identified as concerns. Users appreciate Kylas CRM’s affordability and the range of features offered for the price point​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

In summary, Kylas Sales CRM offers a versatile and comprehensive solution for diverse business needs, combining ease of use, extensive features, and robust support to enhance sales processes and business growth.


Kylas Sales CRM is generally appreciated for its user-friendliness and ease of use, with a dashboard that effectively aids in analyzing team performance. Users report a seamless experience with lead funnels, proper reporting, and analytics of sales operations, which contributes to overall productivity improvements and future business planning. The CRM’s integration capabilities are also highlighted, particularly its ability to blend smoothly with various integrations.

However, some areas for improvement have been noted by users. These include the desire for more customizable fields, particularly for marking leads as hot, cold, or warm, and a need for ongoing feature development as the CRM is still in its growth phase. Additionally, some users find the CRM a bit challenging for sales representatives to use smoothly. Notification issues have been frequently cited as a concern, potentially impacting workflow.

Despite these challenges, Kylas Sales CRM is praised for its effective lead management, making it easier to manage, track, and control leads. Its ability to categorize leads, distribute them automatically, and integrate with different sources is highly valued. The CRM is also lauded for its cost-effectiveness, customizable reports, and the wide range of options it offers.

Overall, Kylas Sales CRM seems to be a robust tool for day-to-day sales operations, particularly valued for its user-friendliness, lead management capabilities, and customization options, while still having some areas for improvement and development​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.


  1. User Interface: The UI is highly regarded for being good and simple to understand once users get accustomed to it​​.
  2. Integration Capabilities: Kylas efficiently blends with various integrations, enhancing its utility​​.
  3. Lead Management: The CRM excels in lead management, making it easy to handle and track leads​​.
  4. Customized Reporting: Users appreciate the ability to create tailored reports according to their needs​​.
  5. Data Maintenance and Automation: It is useful for maintaining data, recording sales, revenue, and daily transactions, and offers effective workflow automation for lead distribution​​​​.
  6. Support and Updates: The CRM is known for its prompt customer support and regular feature updates​​.
  7. Cross-Platform Functionality: It works seamlessly on both desktop and mobile platforms​​.


  1. Limited Customization: Users have expressed a need for more fields and customizable options, like the ability to mark leads as hot, cold, or warm​​.
  2. Ongoing Development: Some features and updates are still in development, indicating that the software is in a growth phase​​.
  3. Notification Issues: There are concerns with the CRM’s notification system, which can be disruptive to workflows​​​​.
  4. Search Functionality: The search pattern is considered inadequate and could be more flexible​​.
  5. Limitations in Lead Management: Once a lead is marked as order done and converted, it cannot be reopened​​.
  6. Additional Costs for Add-ons: Some features require purchasing add-ons​​.
  7. UI/UX Design in Specific Sections: The placement of certain sections, like the requirements section in lead addition, is not user-friendly, requiring users to navigate through unnecessary parts​​.

In summary, Kylas Sales CRM is appreciated for its easy-to-use interface, robust integration capabilities, and effective lead management and automation features. However, it also faces challenges in terms of customization options, ongoing development, notification system issues, and certain UI/UX design elements.


Kylas Sales CRM is tailored specifically for sales teams, positioning itself as a comprehensive solution in the competitive landscape of customer relationship management software. It stands out for its capabilities in streamlining sales operations and fostering enduring customer relationships.

Expert Perspective on Kylas Sales CRM Features and Functionalities:

  1. Contact and Lead Management: Kylas Sales CRM provides a centralized database for managing contacts and leads, crucial for effective sales strategies and personalized customer engagement​​.
  2. Sales Pipeline Management: The platform offers robust pipeline management, enabling teams to track leads, monitor deals, and forecast revenue effectively. This leads to enhanced sales forecasting and decision-making​​.
  3. Activity Tracking and Task Management: This feature ensures smooth management of follow-ups and tasks, contributing significantly to organized and proactive sales engagement​​.
  4. Email Integration and Communication History: The seamless integration with email platforms allows for effective management and tracking of communication, ensuring that all interactions are easily accessible and contribute to more personalized customer communication​​.
  5. Sales Analytics and Reporting: Kylas provides comprehensive analytics and reporting, offering valuable insights into sales performance and aiding in data-driven strategic decisions​​.

Benefits of Kylas Sales CRM:

  1. Streamlined Sales Processes: By centralizing customer data and automating tasks, the CRM enhances efficiency and reduces the administrative burden, thereby improving sales productivity​​.
  2. Enhanced Customer Relationships: It enables sales teams to provide more personalized and targeted interactions, fostering stronger relationships and improving customer satisfaction​​.
  3. Improved Sales Forecasting and Decision Making: The CRM’s real-time visibility into the sales pipeline aids in more accurate forecasting and effective resource allocation​​.
  4. Collaboration and Team Alignment: Kylas supports a collaborative sales culture by providing a unified platform for communication, task management, and deal tracking​​.
  5. Scalability and Customization: The CRM’s adaptability to evolving sales processes and its customizable features make it suitable for businesses of all sizes​​.

In conclusion, Kylas Sales CRM emerges as a powerful tool for optimizing sales processes, enhancing customer interactions, and driving revenue growth. Its intuitive interface, coupled with a suite of robust features, makes it a valuable asset for sales teams aiming to optimize operations and boost productivity​​.


  1. What is Kylas Sales CRM?

    Kylas Sales CRM is a comprehensive customer relationship management software designed specifically for sales teams, offering tools for effective lead tracking, sales pipeline management, and customer engagement.

  2. Can Kylas Sales CRM integrate with email platforms?

    Yes, Kylas Sales CRM integrates seamlessly with various email platforms, allowing for efficient tracking, logging, and association of emails with specific contacts or deals.

  3. Does Kylas Sales CRM offer analytics and reporting features?

    Kylas Sales CRM provides extensive analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling sales teams to generate reports on key metrics and make data-driven decisions to optimize sales strategies.

  4. Is Kylas Sales CRM suitable for businesses of all sizes?

    Kylas Sales CRM is scalable and customizable, making it suitable for businesses of various sizes. It offers flexibility to adapt to different sales processes and customer base growth.

  5. How does Kylas Sales CRM enhance customer relationships?

    Kylas Sales CRM enhances customer relationships by providing a centralized database for customer information and communication history, enabling personalized interactions and fostering stronger customer connections.

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