Streak CRM Software

Streak CRM Software

Key Features of Streak CRM Software

Streak CRM, a unique customer relationship management software, is designed to function seamlessly within Gmail and other Google Workplace apps. It’s particularly suitable for freelancers, startups, and small businesses, offering both a free plan and an affordable solo version. Key features of Streak include ease of use, customizable sales pipelines, automated workflows, and various plan options catering to different needs​​.

Streak’s integration into Gmail allows for efficient management of CRM data directly from email threads, and it supports shared inboxes among team members. Its mail merge feature is beneficial for email marketing and sales follow-ups, sending simultaneous emails to multiple recipients. Streak’s pipelines can be private or shared, with options for templates or customization. The software also includes task management tools, asset management capabilities, and a thread splitter to manage email conversations more effectively. Moreover, Streak facilitates scheduling emails for later delivery and offers robust project management and business development features. It also supports integrations through standard and webhook APIs, enhancing its functionality with other apps​​.

Streak is highly rated for its cloud-based sales email tracking capabilities, allowing users to run their entire business operations from their inboxes. It’s beneficial across various business functions, including sales, partnerships, and support. However, challenges arise in sorting, sharing, storing, and organizing information within Streak, especially when access and sharing settings are linked to specific Gmail users​​​​.

Users appreciate Streak for its simplicity and utility in tracking email engagement, which aids in diligent follow-up with prospects. The free version is particularly suited for individual users or small teams, offering robust features without the complexity of more comprehensive CRM systems. It’s favored for its ease of use, customization options, and integration with Gmail, though some wish for more automated features like email address addition to CRM “boxes” and keyword search within correspondence items​​.

In business environments, Streak is used to track various processes, including sales and partnerships. While its integration with Gmail and email tracking are lauded, it lacks features like territory management and robust mobile access. Streak is recommended for startups, small and medium businesses, and smaller teams within larger companies, but may not be the ideal choice for larger enterprises​​.

Overall, Streak CRM stands out for its seamless integration with Gmail, ease of use, and versatility across various business functions, although it may fall short in certain areas like complex information management and suitability for larger organizations.


Streak CRM’s performance is marked by its versatility and ease of use, particularly for email tracking and integration within Gmail, although it has some limitations.

  1. Sales and Partnership Teams: Streak is used effectively by sales and partnership teams for managing databases of opportunities and communicating with multiple customers. However, sorting, sharing, storing, and organizing information within Streak can be challenging, especially in terms of access and sharing settings​​.
  2. Customer Service Concerns: Some users have reported dissatisfaction with Streak’s customer service and a sense of being misled by changes in the features available in the free plan​​.
  3. Client Communication and Email Tracking: Streak is highly valued for its email tracking capabilities. It provides real-time notifications when emails are opened, which is particularly useful in client communication and pursuing prospects diligently​​.
  4. Business Process Management: Streak is useful for tracking various business processes like sales, partnerships, support, and hiring. Its integration with Gmail is a significant advantage, although it lacks features like territory management and robust mobile access​​.
  5. Simple CRM Needs: For users needing to manage contacts and deals within their Gmail inbox, Streak is well-suited. Its simplicity and productivity features save time, but it is less appropriate for those with extensive CRM requirements​​.
  6. Target Audience Communication: Streak’s ability to create lists, groups, and workflows makes it ideal for planning and organizing campaigns. However, it may not be the best choice for more visually oriented email and commercial list management​​.
  7. Individual Use: Streak is effective for individual users in tracking email engagement, helping to gauge the attention level of email recipients. It is particularly suited for sales representatives and customer relationship managers who need basic visibility into email interactions​​.
  8. Sales Division: In sales divisions, Streak is beneficial for creating leads, moving them between stages, and aggregating data, directly from the Gmail inbox. However, it lacks the features of a full-fledged CRM and a proper user interface outside the inbox​​.
  9. Versatility for Small Businesses: Streak’s features like email tracking, mass mailing, and snoozing are valuable for small businesses. It is seen as a well-rounded tool in various scenarios, though its scalability and UI could be improved​​.

In summary, Streak is praised for its seamless Gmail integration, email tracking, and simplicity, making it ideal for small to medium-sized businesses and individual users. However, its limitations in advanced CRM features, user interface, and scalability might pose challenges for larger organizations or those with complex CRM needs.


  1. Seamless Gmail Integration: Streak CRM is highly praised for its tight integration with Gmail, offering a seamless experience both visually and functionally. This makes it an ideal choice for users who conduct a significant amount of business and networking activities via Gmail​​​​​​.
  2. User-Friendly, Powerful Workflows: The software provides user-friendly yet powerful workflows, enhancing organizational efficiency and providing a competitive edge. This is beneficial in managing and developing processes efficiently​​​​.
  3. Effective Email Tools: Streak’s suite of email tools, including mail merge, send later, snooze, and thread splitter, is highly productive and particularly advantageous for email marketing. These tools contribute to its extensive experience in email management​​​​.
  4. Specialization in Certain Verticals: The CRM is well-suited to specific use cases and industries such as real estate and fundraising, offering tailored solutions for these sectors​​​​​​.
  5. Cost-Effective with a Free Version: Streak provides an affordable solution for growing businesses, with a free version and a free Chrome extension available. This makes it accessible for startups and small businesses​​.


  1. Limited to Gmail Users: The primary limitation of Streak CRM is its exclusive utility for Gmail users. If an organization does not use Gmail or Google Workspace, Streak CRM will not be beneficial, as it is designed to function within these platforms​​​​​​.
  2. Limited Marketing and Reporting Features: The software lacks comprehensive tools for broader marketing campaigns beyond email-based strategies. It also has limited reporting capabilities, with advanced features only available in the more expensive plans​​​​.
  3. Lack of Social Media Integration: Streak does not offer native integration with social media platforms, which can be a significant limitation for businesses relying on social media for marketing and customer engagement​​.
  4. Language Limitations: The CRM does not offer multi-language support, which could be a barrier for non-English speaking users or businesses operating in multilingual environments​​.
  5. Trial Period Restrictions: The trial period is only available in the Pro+-tier plan, which may limit the ability of potential users to fully explore the software before committing to a subscription​​.

In summary, Streak CRM is a powerful tool for Gmail users, offering efficient email management and workflow tools. It is particularly useful in specific industries like real estate. However, its utility is limited for non-Gmail users and it lacks broader marketing capabilities and social media integration.


Streak CRM, tailored for integration with Gmail, presents a unique blend of simplicity and efficiency in customer relationship management. This tool’s distinct characteristics and performance offer a notable perspective in the realm of CRM software:

  1. Workflow Flexibility: Streak stands out for its ability to track various types of workflows. This flexibility extends beyond traditional customer interactions, enabling users to manage everyday business processes like recruitment, project management, and IT support. Such versatility in building customized workflows aligns Streak with the diverse operational needs of different business models, particularly useful in sectors like real estate and fundraising​​.
  2. Team Collaboration: The software excels in fostering team collaboration. It allows for the creation of teams with role-based permissions and pipeline sharing. This functionality ensures centralized management of workflows, where team members can view and manage specific tasks and contact information. This feature is especially beneficial for small to medium-sized teams, enhancing coordination and efficiency in handling customer relationships and internal processes​​.
  3. Email Management Tools: A significant strength of Streak is its array of email power tools, which are integrated seamlessly within the Gmail interface. Tools like email tracking, mail merge, pre-written email snippets, and thread splitters provide valuable insights and improve efficiency in email communications. These features are particularly advantageous for users engaged in email marketing, offering capabilities like tracking email opens, scheduling emails, and managing bulk communications effortlessly​​.
  4. Cost-Effective Plans: Streak’s free plan provides substantial value, especially for freelancers and small businesses. The plan includes essential CRM features like unlimited pipelines, email tracking, task reminders, and contact management, which are often sufficient for small-scale operations. This makes Streak a cost-effective solution for businesses with limited CRM needs or those looking to minimize overhead costs​​.
  5. Limitations of a Gmail-Based CRM: While Streak is advantageous for Gmail users, it also embodies limitations due to its exclusive reliance on Google Workspace (G Suite). The software’s integration is restricted to Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, and Calendar, and it is only compatible with Google Chrome and Safari browsers. This niche focus may limit its applicability for users of other email services or those seeking a more comprehensive CRM solution with advanced automation capabilities and extensive reporting/forecasting functions​​.

In summary, Streak CRM offers a streamlined, Gmail-centric approach to customer relationship management, ideal for users seeking a simple, efficient tool integrated within their email environment. Its strengths lie in workflow flexibility, team collaboration features, powerful email management tools, and cost-effectiveness. However, its utility is constrained by its Gmail dependency and the absence of certain advanced CRM features. Streak is a fitting choice for small to medium-sized businesses and individuals who prioritize ease of use and email-centric CRM functionalities.


  1. What is Streak CRM and how does it integrate with Gmail?

    Streak CRM is a customer relationship management tool that integrates directly into Gmail, offering seamless workflow management and email tracking within your inbox.

  2. Can Streak CRM be used for team collaboration?

    Yes, Streak CRM supports team collaboration with features like team creation, role assignment, permissions, and pipeline sharing, making it suitable for small to medium-sized teams.

  3. Does Streak offer a free plan?

    Streak provides a free plan with basic CRM features, including unlimited pipelines, email tracking, and essential contact management tools.

  4. What are the key features of Streak CRM?

    Key features of Streak CRM include customizable workflows, email tracking, mail merge, snooze and send later options, pipeline sharing, and integration with other Google Workspace apps.

  5. Is Streak CRM suitable for all business sizes?

    Streak CRM is ideal for freelancers, startups, and small teams seeking a lightweight, easy-to-use CRM solution, especially those heavily reliant on Gmail for business communications.

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