Capsule CRM Software

Capsule CRM Software

Key Features of Capsule CRM Software

Capsule CRM is a versatile and comprehensive customer relationship management software designed to streamline business operations and enhance customer engagement. Its unique features are categorized into several key areas:

  1. Contact Management: Capsule CRM provides a detailed overview of people and companies you interact with, enabling efficient management of business relationships​​.
  2. Email Marketing and Tools: It offers capabilities for email marketing campaigns and template creation, along with integration options for Outlook and Gmail​​.
  3. Task Management and Calendar: Users can create and manage tasks related to appointments, meetings, and phone calls. The software also supports repeating tasks, task reminder emails, and calendar views for efficient scheduling​​.
  4. Sales Pipeline Management: Capsule CRM offers tools to track sales opportunities, including a pipeline dashboard, Kanban visual pipeline, and opportunity filtering. This allows businesses to track conversion rates, forecast sales, and manage multiple sales pipelines tailored to different products, services, and markets​​.
  5. Sales Analytics and Reporting: The platform provides comprehensive sales analytics and reporting tools, enabling businesses to monitor sales cycles, track activities by users, and create advanced sales reports. It also supports data export and integration with Google Data Studio for enhanced data analysis​​.
  6. Workflow Automation: Capsule CRM streamlines sales and business processes with automated actions, contributing to increased efficiency and customer satisfaction​​.
  7. Security and Permissions: It features robust security measures like two-factor authentication, single sign-on via Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, and GDPR compliance. Additionally, it allows for the restoration of deleted records and the assignment of user roles to control access to records​​.
  8. Connectivity and Integrations: The software offers extensive connectivity options, including a mobile app for iOS and Android, website form lead capture, and premium integrations with tools like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Xero, and Mailchimp. Users can also automate processes with Zapier and access Capsule’s API for custom integrations​​.
  9. Customization: Capsule CRM is highly customizable, allowing users to tailor fields, tags, milestones, and branding to their specific business needs. It also supports the creation of custom lists, tags, and reasons for lost deals, ensuring a personalized and efficient CRM experience​​.

In summary, Capsule CRM is a feature-rich platform that combines contact management, email marketing, task scheduling, sales pipeline tracking, advanced analytics, and automation tools, along with strong security features, extensive connectivity, and customization options, to support businesses in managing their customer relationships and sales processes effectively.


Capsule CRM’s performance has garnered positive feedback from various users, highlighting its suitability for small to medium-sized businesses, simplicity, customization, and overall reliability.

  1. Ease of Use and Simplicity: Capsule CRM is praised for its user-friendliness, even for technophobic users. The intuitive user interface comprises six main modules: the dashboard, people and organizations, calendars and tasks, sales pipeline, cases, and reports. A universal search box makes it easy to locate anything quickly, and users can add new entries from anywhere in the system. This simplicity in design is especially beneficial for startups and small businesses, helping them manage customer relationships and sales processes efficiently​​.
  2. Customization: The system is highly customizable, allowing businesses to tailor their sales pipelines, add custom fields, activity types, task categories, branding, and color schemes. This feature is particularly useful for businesses with unique workflows and data tracking needs​​.
  3. Reliability and Efficiency: Capsule CRM boasts a 99.99% uptime rate, offering a dependable platform with minimal downtime. The software’s integration capabilities are smooth, allowing seamless connectivity with various apps and social media platforms. The onboarding process is well-structured, with comprehensive walkthroughs and an extensive help center featuring blogs and video tutorials. The mobile apps for iPhone and Android enhance its networking capabilities, allowing users to manage relationships on the go​​.
  4. Advantages and Disadvantages: Capsule CRM provides a clear view of leads, conversion rates, and the progression of leads through the sales process. However, it has been criticized for its basic security features and lack of built-in marketing automation tools. While these shortcomings can be addressed through integrations with other apps, they may be a deterrent for users seeking more comprehensive, in-built functionalities​​.
  5. User Feedback: Users have found the platform cost-effective and efficient for basic needs like tracking new contacts and setting up routine tasks. However, some have noted limitations in the CRM’s features and expressed the need for improved third-party integrations. Basic reporting features in the free plan and better user forums for support are also suggested improvements​​​​.
  6. Customer Support: The customer support of Capsule CRM is generally well-regarded, with responsive and efficient service. However, there is feedback indicating a desire for broader availability beyond UK business hours and a preference for real-time chat support options​​.
  7. Overall Functionality: Capsule CRM is appreciated for its ease of configuration and the convenience it provides in setting up and viewing workflows. It integrates well with other solutions and covers the needs of various businesses. However, some users have found its integration with Mailchimp to be challenging and have suggested improvements in the user interface, particularly in the calendar view and contact sorting​​.

In summary, Capsule CRM is a robust and user-friendly tool for small to medium-sized businesses, offering simplicity, customization, and reliable performance. While it meets the basic needs of these businesses effectively, certain limitations in security, marketing automation, and advanced features are noted. The system’s customer support is commendable, but there is room for improvement in terms of availability and support channels.


  1. Competitive Pricing: Capsule CRM is considered to be competitively priced, making it an affordable option for businesses​​.
  2. Ease of Use: The platform is user-friendly, even for those who are not tech-savvy​​.
  3. Effective Integrations: It integrates well with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, and works effectively with key third-party applications like Mailchimp and Xero​​.
  4. Generous Contact Storage: The software allows handling a large number of contacts, offering the ability to work with up to 30,000 contacts for $18 a month​​.
  5. Projects Functionality: The ‘projects’ feature can act as a simple helpdesk, which is beneficial for some businesses​​.
  6. Free Plan Availability: Capsule CRM offers a completely free plan, which is a significant advantage for startups and small businesses​​.
  7. Accurate Lead Tracking: The software provides a detailed view of leads, conversion rates, and business sources, aiding in effective sales management​​.
  8. High System Reliability: With a 99.99% uptime rate, the system is highly reliable​​.
  9. Smooth Onboarding Process: Capsule CRM offers comprehensive onboarding resources, including walkthroughs for different business types​​.
  10. Networking Capabilities: The availability of mobile apps for iPhone and Android enhances its networking capabilities, allowing users to manage relationships on the go​​.
  11. Customizable Sales Pipeline: The sales pipeline in Capsule CRM is easily customizable to fit different sales processes​​.


  1. Email Communication Storage: Storing email communication requires BCCing a ‘dropbox’ address every time an email is sent, which can be cumbersome without the use of Gmail or Outlook add-ons​​.
  2. Basic Google Workspace Integration: The integration with Google Workspace is solid but basic, especially concerning calendars, tasks, and two-way syncing​​.
  3. Limited Security Features: The CRM system has weaker security features, which might be a concern for some users​​.
  4. Lack of Built-in Marketing Automation Tools: Capsule CRM does not have built-in marketing automation tools, requiring integrations with other software for these functionalities​​.
  5. Limited Advanced Features: The software may not be suitable for larger enterprises managing more complex operations due to its limited features​​.

In summary, Capsule CRM is a cost-effective and user-friendly solution with effective integrations, a generous contact storage limit, and reliable performance. However, it may fall short in terms of advanced security features, built-in marketing automation tools, and the scope of features necessary for larger enterprises.


Capsule CRM, as a CRM software product, demonstrates several notable strengths and areas for improvement that are crucial for businesses to consider. Drawing from various expert sources, the following insights offer a unique perspective on Capsule CRM:

Strengths of Capsule CRM

  1. Comprehensive Feature Set: Capsule CRM offers an array of features including sales analytics, workflow automation, and contact management, catering to a broad spectrum of business needs​​.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: The platform is known for its intuitive and easily navigable user interface, significantly reducing the learning curve for new users and facilitating quicker onboarding​​.
  3. Effective Contact Management: Capsule CRM excels in organizing and managing contact information in a centralized database, allowing businesses to efficiently access and update customer details and communication history​​.
  4. High Customization: The CRM allows businesses to tailor it to their specific requirements with custom fields, tags, and categories, aligning with unique workflows and industry processes​​.
  5. Seamless Integration: It offers robust integration capabilities with popular business applications like Gmail, Outlook, and various accounting and marketing automation platforms, enhancing workflow efficiency​​.
  6. Mobile Accessibility: Capsule CRM’s mobile apps for iOS and Android ensure continuous connectivity and the ability to manage CRM activities on the go, a key feature for dynamic business environments​​.

Areas for Improvement

  1. Limited Automation Features: While providing basic workflow automation, Capsule CRM’s automation capabilities might be insufficient for businesses with complex needs, especially when compared to more specialized automation tools​​.
  2. Basic Reporting Capabilities: The platform’s reporting and analytics features are relatively fundamental. Businesses requiring advanced reporting options or customizable templates may find Capsule CRM’s offerings limited​​.
  3. Restricted Marketing Automation: Capsule CRM’s focus is primarily on sales and contact management, with its marketing automation capabilities being somewhat limited. This necessitates additional integrations for businesses heavily reliant on advanced marketing automation​​.
  4. Inflexible Pricing Structure: The pricing structure of Capsule CRM may not be as flexible as required for businesses with specific needs or fluctuating team sizes, potentially making it less suitable for such organizations​​.

In summary, Capsule CRM is a user-friendly and highly customizable CRM tool, well-suited for businesses seeking an intuitive and integrated platform for managing sales, contacts, and workflows. However, its limited automation, basic reporting, and marketing automation features, along with a less flexible pricing structure, are aspects businesses need to consider, especially those with more complex CRM needs.


  1. What is Capsule CRM and who is it best suited for?

    Capsule CRM is a customer relationship management software designed for small to medium-sized businesses, offering features like contact management, sales pipeline tracking, and workflow automation.

  2. Can Capsule CRM integrate with other business tools?

    Yes, Capsule CRM integrates with various business applications, including Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and popular email marketing tools like Mailchimp.

  3. Does Capsule CRM offer mobile accessibility?

    Capsule CRM provides mobile apps for both iOS and Android, allowing users to manage CRM activities on the go.

  4. What are the customization options in Capsule CRM?

    Capsule CRM offers extensive customization with options for creating custom fields, tags, and categories to align with specific business workflows and industry requirements.

  5. Are there any limitations to Capsule CRM’s features?

    While Capsule CRM is robust in contact management and sales processes, it has limitations in advanced automation features and in-depth marketing automation compared to specialized tools.

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