Xactly Incent Sales Compensation Software

Xactly Incent Sales Compensation Software

Key Features of Xactly Incent Sales Compensation Software

Xactly Incent is a comprehensive sales compensation software designed to streamline and automate the process of managing incentive compensation. It is particularly geared towards companies looking to align seller behavior with revenue goals.

Unique Features and Benefits:

  1. Customization and Flexibility: Xactly Incent offers a high level of customization, allowing companies to set up the system according to their specific needs. This flexibility is crucial for businesses with complex compensation plans, as it supports various structures like direct reporting or Named Relationships.
  2. Integration with Sales Data: The software integrates seamlessly with CRM systems, providing a unified platform for managing sales and compensation data. This integration enhances efficiency and accuracy in tracking sales performance and calculating incentives.
  3. Global Currency Support: For companies operating internationally, Xactly Incent calculates payouts in multiple currencies, making it an ideal solution for global businesses.
  4. Robust Analytics and Reporting: Xactly Incent provides detailed analytics and reporting capabilities. Users can generate comprehensive reports with various filtering options, offering insights into sales performance and compensation effectiveness.
  5. Performance Dashboards: The software includes performance dashboards that allow managers and sales professionals to track progress and assess compensation status.
  6. Error Reduction and Payout Accuracy: The system is designed to minimize errors in compensation calculation, ensuring high accuracy in payouts.
  7. Ease of Administration: Once configured, Xactly Incent runs smoothly, simplifying the administrative burden associated with managing complex compensation plans.

User Feedback and Considerations:

  • Ease of Use: Some users find the system somewhat confusing and suggest that the user interface could be more straightforward, with simpler navigation and fewer sub-menus.
  • Learning Curve: Initial setup and administrator training can be challenging, requiring a significant time investment to understand the system’s functionalities.
  • Reporting Functionality: While powerful, the reporting functionality is considered cumbersome by some users, who note a need for better user control and simplicity in generating reports.
  • System Configuration: The initial setup and configuration of the system are critical. A poorly configured system can lead to challenges in maintaining it effectively.
  • Customer Support: The support team is responsive, usually resolving issues within one business day, which is a significant plus for users.

In conclusion, Xactly Incent stands out for its customization capabilities, integration with sales data, global currency support, and robust analytics. While it offers a comprehensive solution for sales compensation management, prospective users should be prepared for the initial learning curve and the importance of proper system configuration. The software is well-suited for companies of various sizes, especially those with complex compensation structures and global operations​​​​.


The performance of Xactly Incent in day-to-day usage has garnered mixed responses from users. Here’s a summary of its performance:

Positive Aspects

  1. User-Friendliness: Xactly Incent is noted for its simplicity and user-friendly interface for both sales reps and admin users. It assists in setting up multiple plans, updating and maintaining hierarchy data, and adjusting payouts​​.
  2. Integration with Other Tools: The software works well in combination with other Xactly products like Connect for automated processes and Analytics for Reports. Integrations with tools like Salesforce, Snowflake, and Alteryx have been particularly beneficial in automating commission processing and enhancing data accuracy​​​​.
  3. Data Reporting and Analytics: The use of Xactly Analytics for reporting has been highlighted as a strong feature, providing valuable insights into sales, commissions, profits, and employee performance​​.
  4. Accuracy in Calculations: Xactly Incent is praised for accurately calculating commissions based on the set plans, which builds trust between the organization and its employees​​.
  5. Impersonation Tool: This feature is highly appreciated for its ability to identify and resolve end-user issues more efficiently, enhancing the overall user experience​​.

Negative Aspects

  1. Complexity in Setup and Use: Some users have found certain setup steps to be cumbersome and confusing. This can be particularly challenging when there is a frequent change of plans or the creation of complex new plans​​.
  2. Learning Curve: The system requires a significant investment of time for training and understanding, which can be a hurdle for new users.
  3. Data Management: There are limitations in managing data within Incent, such as the inability to delete certain data in bulk, which can be time-consuming for administrators​​.
  4. User Interface: Suggestions for improvement in the style and functionality of the Incent user interface have been made, with some users finding it less engaging​​.
  5. Implementation Challenges: For some organizations, the implementation of Xactly Incent did not go as expected, leading to initial confusion and difficulties​​.
  6. Reporting Functionality: While robust, the reporting functionality is considered complex by some users, requiring more user-friendly features​​.


In daily usage, Xactly Incent provides a robust and accurate solution for sales compensation management with strong integration and data analytics capabilities. However, users should be prepared for a learning curve and potential challenges in setup and data management. The system’s user interface and reporting functionality could benefit from further enhancements to improve the overall user experience.


  1. Customization and Flexibility: Xactly Incent allows for a high level of customization, enabling users to set up the system according to specific needs. This includes setting up plans in different ways, such as direct reporting or Named Relationships​​.
  2. Integration and Global Reach: The software integrates well with other systems, like Salesforce, and supports calculations in multiple currencies, making it suitable for global companies​​.
  3. Detailed Reporting and Insights: It offers detailed reports with a variety of filtering and presentation options, providing insights into sales performance and compensation effectiveness​​​​.
  4. Automated Processes: Xactly Incent automates the commission process, reducing the administrative workload and increasing efficiency​​.
  5. User and Admin Satisfaction: Users generally find the daily processing smooth, and once configured, the system works well and is reliable​​.
  6. Responsive Support Team: The support team is noted for being responsive and capable of resolving issues within a reasonable time frame​​.


  1. Complexity and Learning Curve: The system can be complex to set up and use, with a significant learning curve for both end-users and administrators. Users need to invest time in training to understand the system fully​​.
  2. User Interface Issues: Some users find the user interface to be confusing, with too many sub-menus, making it challenging to navigate without proper documentation​​.
  3. Cumbersome Reporting Functionality: While the reporting is detailed, it can also be cumbersome, and users have expressed a desire for more control over the reporting functionality​​.
  4. Integration Limitations: Some users have noted limitations in integrating Xactly Incent with other platforms for activities such as sales planning or forecasting​​.
  5. Time-Consuming Setup: Setting up an employee in the system can be time-consuming, and understanding the fields and combinations for reports may require a deep understanding of the system​​.

In summary, Xactly Incent is praised for its customization capabilities, integration features, and detailed reporting, but users should be prepared for a steep learning curve, a complex user interface, and potentially cumbersome reporting functionality.


Xactly Incent, a prominent Sales Compensation Software, offers a range of features and capabilities that set it apart in the realm of incentive compensation management. My expertise and unique perspective on this product are drawn from its functionality, user feedback, and the strategic role it plays in sales performance management.

Strategic Automation and Efficiency

Xactly Incent is designed to automate complex commission calculations, which significantly increases efficiency in compensation management. This automation not only speeds up payroll and accrual closes but also provides a robust audit trail, enhancing compliance efficiency by a notable 65%. By eliminating payout errors, accuracy is increased up to 99%, which reduces compensation inquiries and disputes​​.

Enhancing Sales Performance

A key feature of Xactly Incent is the empowerment it provides to sales reps. By offering on-demand visibility into their pay and potential earnings, it builds trust and motivates them to achieve better results. The software facilitates access to detailed incentive statements and compensation plan documents, enabling reps to estimate potential commissions effectively. Moreover, it supports access to performance data across devices, which is critical in today’s mobile-first world​​.

Scalability and Add-On Features

Xactly Incent’s ability to scale as a company grows is a significant advantage. It can handle complex calculations for thousands of payees and process billions of transactions monthly. Furthermore, its add-on features like Benchmarking, Commission Expense Accounting, and Commission Earnings Forecasting provide additional layers of functionality, enhancing the software’s capability to deliver comprehensive compensation management solutions​​.

User Feedback and Adaptability

Users have noted that Xactly Incent facilitates the easy adjustment of existing compensation plans and the setting up of new ones. Its direct data integration with tools like Salesforce enhances its adaptability. However, it’s also highlighted that certain functionalities are not very intuitive, emphasizing the importance of training for effective use​​.

Visionary Approach to Sales Performance

Xactly Incent is part of a broader platform that addresses key go-to-market activities, including territory and quota planning, incentive compensation, and sales forecasting. This integrated approach, backed by over 18 years of pay and performance data, positions Xactly as a visionary in sales performance management, supporting organizations in their pursuit of revenue excellence​​.

In conclusion, Xactly Incent stands out for its ability to automate and streamline complex compensation management processes, provide valuable insights and data access to sales reps, and scale effectively as organizations grow. While it requires a certain level of user training for optimal use, its comprehensive features and strategic integration capabilities make it a top choice in the sales compensation software market.


  1. What is Xactly Incent and how does it benefit sales teams?

    Xactly Incent is a sales compensation management software that automates complex commission calculations, enhances compliance efficiency, and provides detailed insights to motivate and drive sales teams’ performance.

  2. Can Xactly Incent integrate with other CRM systems like Salesforce?

    Yes, Xactly Incent seamlessly integrates with CRM systems, including Salesforce, to streamline data handling and improve accuracy in sales compensation management.

  3. Does Xactly Incent support global operations with multiple currencies?

    Xactly Incent is designed for global scalability, supporting calculations in multiple currencies, making it suitable for businesses operating across different countries.

  4. How does Xactly Incent ensure accuracy in commission calculations?

    The software eliminates payout errors by automating the commission calculation process, thereby ensuring up to 99% accuracy and reducing disputes and inquiries related to compensation.

  5. Is training required to use Xactly Incent effectively?

    While Xactly Incent is user-friendly, it is recommended to undergo training to fully understand its functionalities and make the most out of its comprehensive compensation management features.

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