SmartWinnr Sales Compensation Software

SmartWinnr Sales Compensation Software

Key Features of SmartWinnr Sales Compensation Software

SmartWinnr is a comprehensive sales compensation software designed to enhance sales productivity and performance. Here’s a detailed description of its features and capabilities:

Key Features

  1. Gamified KPIs: SmartWinnr incorporates gamification to boost sales performance by setting measurable and engaging Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  2. AI-Driven Quizzes: The platform uses AI-powered quizzes to ensure sales teams are always up-to-date with product knowledge.
  3. Regular Reinforcements: SmartWinnr provides regular knowledge reinforcements to support continuous learning and skill development.
  4. Continuous Coaching: The software offers ongoing coaching to improve customer interactions, ensuring a consistent and effective sales approach.
  5. Engagement Tracking: It tracks engagement levels to monitor and enhance team performance.
  6. Customizable Reports and Templates: The platform allows for customization in reports and templates, catering to specific business needs.
  7. Activity Dashboard and Tracking: A comprehensive activity dashboard provides insights into sales activities and performance.
  8. Alerts and Notifications: These features ensure timely updates and interventions.
  9. API and Mobile Support: SmartWinnr is accessible through various platforms, including web apps and mobile devices, and offers API integration for seamless connectivity with other systems.
  10. Performance Management: The software includes tools for managing and evaluating sales performance.
  11. Sales Onboarding & Training: It supports sales teams with tools for effective onboarding and ongoing training.

Pricing and Deployment

  • Starting Price: The initial pricing is $0, with details available upon request.
  • Deployment: SmartWinnr is cloud-based, offering flexibility and accessibility.
  • Subscription Plan: Available on a monthly and yearly basis.
  • Free Trial: Information on a free trial is not explicitly mentioned.

Support and Accessibility

  • Support Options: Includes email, phone, and live support.
  • Language Support: Primarily available in English.
  • Business Suitability: Ideal for startups, SMEs, agencies, and enterprises.
  • Desktop and Mobile Platforms: Compatible with web apps, macOS, Windows, and Android.

Company Details

  • Developer: MobillionLabs

Unique Selling Points

  • Comprehensive Platform: SmartWinnr stands out for its comprehensive approach to sales productivity, combining knowledge management, gamification, and coaching.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use, it encourages higher engagement among sales teams.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various business sizes and types, from startups to large enterprises.

In summary, SmartWinnr offers a robust and dynamic solution for sales compensation and productivity enhancement, leveraging AI and gamification to keep sales teams motivated and well-informed​​​​​​.


SmartWinnr is a platform that helps keep sales teams informed with the latest product knowledge, supports uniform messaging during customer interactions, and aims to increase sales using gamified KPIs, AI-driven quizzes, and regular coaching​​. SmartWinnr as a well-known platform in the CRM Software category, starting from a price of $0, and it’s most suitable for businesses of any size. The platform can be deployed online, though specific details on pricing models and free trials were still being gathered​​.

SmartWinnr has been used to increase product knowledge retention, drive global sales learning events, and achieve high knowledge retention among field forces. The platform is primarily used in industries such as Medical Devices, Telecommunications, and Banking. Key features include gamification, contests/quizzes, and leaderboards, focusing on increasing sales & revenue, launching new products, and improving ROI​​.


  1. Comprehensive Sales Productivity Platform: SmartWinnr is designed to keep sales teams informed with the latest product knowledge, ensuring consistent messaging during customer interactions and ultimately aiming to boost sales​​.
  2. Gamified KPIs: The use of gamified Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) enhances engagement and motivation among sales teams, making the achievement of sales targets more interactive and enjoyable.
  3. AI-Driven Quizzes: SmartWinnr incorporates AI technology to provide quizzes and regular knowledge reinforcements, supporting continuous learning and skill development.
  4. Continuous Coaching: The software offers ongoing coaching, which is vital for improving customer interactions and overall sales performance.
  5. Customer Feedback Management: SmartWinnr is particularly effective in managing customer feedback, which is crucial for understanding client needs and improving service delivery​​.
  6. Low Software Failure Risk: SmartWinnr has a low risk of software failure, which includes potential risks in compliance, security, and potential delays due to integration and migration issues​​.


  1. Integration Risk: There is a medium level of risk associated with integration, which may pose challenges in seamlessly connecting SmartWinnr with existing systems and tools​​.
  2. Lack of Free Trial or Version: Currently, there is no information available regarding a free trial or version, which could limit the opportunity for potential users to test the software before making a commitment​​.
  3. Potentially Limited in Scope: While SmartWinnr is strong in customer feedback management and sales coaching, it may not cover all aspects of sales and marketing needs as comprehensively as some other platforms.
  4. Target Audience: SmartWinnr may be more suitable for certain types of businesses, such as those focusing on customer feedback management and sales coaching with video, and might not be the ideal fit for all types of organizations or sales teams​​.

In conclusion, SmartWinnr offers a robust set of features designed to enhance sales productivity, particularly through gamification and AI-driven tools. However, potential users should consider the limited user reviews and the medium integration risk when evaluating its suitability for their specific business needs.


SmartWinnr, a sales compensation software product, stands out in the market for its unique approach to enhancing sales productivity. Here is an expert perspective on its features, performance, and overall impact:

Unique Approach to Sales Productivity

  1. Gamification of KPIs: SmartWinnr uses gamification to transform sales Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) into engaging and motivating activities. This approach not only boosts sales but also makes the process enjoyable and interactive for sales teams​​.
  2. AI-Driven Learning Tools: The incorporation of AI-driven quizzes and regular knowledge reinforcements ensures that sales teams are consistently updated with the latest product information, a key factor in maintaining competitive edge​​.
  3. Continuous Coaching: SmartWinnr’s focus on continuous coaching helps in refining customer interaction skills, which is crucial for successful sales engagements​​.

High Customer Satisfaction and Engagement

  1. Effective Sales Coaching with Video: The platform’s video coaching feature allows sales representatives to practice critical selling skills in a supportive environment, leading to better performance and confidence​​.
  2. Strong Customer Feedback Management: SmartWinnr excels in managing customer feedback, an essential aspect of sales that informs product improvement and customer relationship management​​.
  3. Sales Rep Engagement: Regular quizzes and coaching challenges help improve skills like customer objection handling, thereby enhancing overall sales rep engagement​​.

Business Impact and User Experiences

  1. Testimonials and Case Studies: Organizations like Polycom, Inc. and Boston Scientific have used SmartWinnr to increase product knowledge retention, drive global sales learning events, and achieve high knowledge retention among their field force​​.
  2. Industry Adaptability: SmartWinnr has been successfully utilized in various industries such as Medical Devices, Telecommunications, and Banking, demonstrating its versatility​​.

Accessibility and Support

  1. Deployment and Pricing: It offers online deployment and is priced starting from $0, making it accessible for businesses of various sizes​​.
  2. Comprehensive Support Services: SmartWinnr provides a range of support services including email, phone, chat, and a knowledge base, ensuring users have access to assistance whenever needed​​.

Expert Perspective

As an expert in the field, I view SmartWinnr as a forward-thinking solution in sales compensation software. Its use of gamification and AI-driven tools for knowledge dissemination and sales coaching is particularly noteworthy. These features not only enhance the effectiveness of sales teams but also contribute to a more engaged and motivated workforce. The high satisfaction ratings and positive feedback from diverse industries underscore its effectiveness and adaptability.

In conclusion, SmartWinnr stands out as a comprehensive and innovative tool for boosting sales productivity, with a strong focus on continuous learning, engagement, and customer feedback management. Its versatility across different industries and commitment to user support make it a valuable asset for any organization looking to enhance its sales strategies and outcomes.


  1. What is SmartWinnr and how does it enhance sales productivity?

    SmartWinnr is a sales compensation software that uses gamification, AI-driven quizzes, and continuous coaching to keep sales teams informed and engaged, thereby enhancing overall sales productivity.

  2. Can SmartWinnr be integrated with other CRM systems?

    SmartWinnr offers API integration, allowing it to seamlessly connect with various CRM systems and enhance its functionality within existing sales processes.

  3. What type of businesses can benefit from SmartWinnr?

    SmartWinnr is versatile and beneficial for a wide range of businesses, including those in the medical devices, telecommunications, and banking industries, and is suitable for startups, SMEs, and large enterprises.

  4. Does SmartWinnr provide support and training for new users?

    Yes, SmartWinnr offers comprehensive support services including email, phone, chat, and a knowledge base, as well as training resources to help new users effectively utilize the software.

  5. How does SmartWinnr use gamification to improve sales performance?

    SmartWinnr incorporates gamified KPIs and regular sales contests to make achieving sales targets more engaging and motivating, leading to improved performance and team engagement.

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