Adobe Fresco Design Software

Adobe Fresco Design Software

Key Features of Adobe Fresco Design Software

Adobe Fresco is a versatile and innovative design software that blends the best features of Adobe Illustrator Draw and Photoshop Sketch, tailored for digital artists using platforms like the iPad. One of its standout features is the new Vertical type tool, introduced in the September 2023 release (version 5.0), which allows for efficient typing in East Asian languages and the creation of diverse designs such as logos, signages, flyers, and book covers​​.

The software stands out for its extensive range of tools, including support for layers, PSD files, Ps brushes, and masks. It also boasts a smart imitation of watercolor effects, elevating the digital painting experience​​. Adobe Fresco operates in both raster and vector modes, offering a variety of watercolor and oil brushes. It also includes features borrowed from the Photoshop desktop version, enhancing its utility and flexibility​​.

An intuitive interface akin to other Adobe software makes Adobe Fresco user-friendly, even for those new to digital design. The software provides multiple brush types, including Pixel, Vector, and the distinctive Watercolor Live Brush. The latter uses Adobe Sensei AI technology to emulate real-life paint mixing, adding a layer of realism to digital artwork​​.

The software also integrates seamlessly with Adobe Creative Cloud, offering cloud storage and easy access to stocks. This integration allows for continuity of work across different devices and applications, adding to the flexibility and convenience for the user​​.

However, there are limitations to consider. The free version of Adobe Fresco restricts certain features, such as the availability of certain brushes and export resolutions. To access all features and tools, a premium version is available at a cost​​.

In terms of functionality, Adobe Fresco includes a diverse range of tools such as different brush types (Pixel, Vector, Live, Mixer, and Ribbon brushes), brush customization options, unlimited layers with blending modes and masks, selection tools, transform tools, and the ability to add text and shapes to artwork. It also offers comprehensive color tools and integration with Creative Cloud for additional resources and asset access. Furthermore, it allows exporting artwork in various formats including JPEG, PNG, PSD, PDF, and SVG​​.

The positive aspects of Adobe Fresco include lifelike brush, pen, and pencil physics, availability for iPad, iPhone, and Windows tablets, a variety of brush types, simple yet effective animation capabilities, and robust education and support resources. However, it does have some drawbacks, such as the inability to create new brushes or access Illustrator brushes, and a lack of support for Chrome OS​​​​.

In summary, Adobe Fresco is a highly functional and versatile design tool, ideal for artists who seek a blend of traditional and digital art techniques. Its integration with Adobe Creative Cloud, diverse brush options, and user-friendly interface make it a solid choice for digital artists, though the full range of features is reserved for the premium version.


Adobe Fresco, designed to merge the tactile joy of analog painting with the versatility of digital technology, is adept at translating the artist’s vision into stunning digital artworks. The application is especially tailored for iPad, iPhone, Surface Pro, and Creative Cloud Desktop for Windows users. Its primary focus is on emulating how real paints behave, a feature particularly highlighted in its Live Brushes which use Adobe’s Sensei AI technology to mimic real-life oil and watercolor interactions. Users find the transition from conventional to digital art more intuitive with Fresco’s approach​​​​.

The software’s interface is familiar to users of Adobe products, with tools on the left, controls at the top, and panels on the right. This setup makes it easy for users to adapt and find their way around the software. The program’s simplicity lies in its design philosophy, where only a few functions are hidden, making the learning curve relatively straightforward, especially for those already familiar with Adobe’s ecosystem​​.

Fresco offers three types of brushes – Pixel, Vector, and Watercolor Live Brush – catering to different artistic needs and styles. These brushes provide a wide range of parameters for customization, allowing for a high degree of control and precision in art creation. The application supports layering, enabling artists to create more complex drawings, and it allows for the blending of modes and the creation of masks, further enhancing its versatility​​.

A significant advantage of Fresco is its integration with Adobe Creative Cloud, which ensures that work is synchronized across devices and applications. This feature allows artists to start a project on one device and seamlessly continue on another, providing flexibility and convenience for artists who are on the move or work across different platforms​​.

In practical use, users appreciate Fresco’s approachable design, which scales with the user’s proficiency, from beginners to seasoned professionals. The software offers a focused approach to drawing and painting that accommodates users at all levels of expertise. The application starts with the basic tools selected, allowing immediate sketching without needing to navigate through the entire toolset, which is particularly helpful for beginners​​.

Furthermore, Fresco’s detailed tutorials and learning options are noteworthy. These hands-on tutorials walk users through the primary features of the app, allowing them to follow along and practice as they learn. The Discover tab within the app offers a wealth of live streams and artwork from other users, providing inspiration and learning opportunities. This feature significantly aids in understanding the full potential of the application and encourages experimentation and exploration of its capabilities​​.

In conclusion, Adobe Fresco stands out for its user-friendly interface, seamless integration with other Adobe applications, and its unique brush technologies that closely simulate real painting techniques. Its adaptability for both novice and professional artists, coupled with strong educational support and Creative Cloud integration, makes it a robust tool for digital art creation.


  1. Comprehensive Brush Library: Adobe Fresco boasts an extensive collection of brushes, including digital, vector, and watercolor brushes. This variety allows for the creation of realistic faux-paint strokes and unique textures, providing artists with more creative freedom and versatility​​.
  2. Natural Blending and Wet Media Simulation: The software excels in simulating the behavior of wet media like watercolors and oils. This feature enables artists to create natural-looking brush strokes and blends, offering a more authentic painting experience​​.
  3. Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud: Being a part of the Adobe ecosystem, Fresco integrates seamlessly with other Adobe applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator. This integration provides access to Creative Cloud libraries, fonts, and assets, enhancing workflow and collaboration efficiency​​.
  4. Frequent Updates and Support: Adobe is known for regularly updating its software, adding new features and fixing bugs. Users also benefit from Adobe’s extensive support system, which includes tutorials, documentation, and an active community forum​​.
  5. Lifelike Physics and Animation Capabilities: Fresco provides lifelike brush, pen, and pencil physics, along with simple yet effective animation tools. These features contribute to a more immersive and realistic drawing experience​​.
  6. Wide Device Availability: The application is available for iPad, iPhone, and Windows tablets, making it accessible across various popular devices​​.


  1. Subscription-Based Pricing: Adobe Fresco operates on a subscription-based model as part of Adobe Creative Cloud. While there is a free version with basic functionality, the full spectrum of premium features is only available through a subscription, which may be costly for some users​​.
  2. Limited Compatibility: The application is primarily available for Windows, macOS, and iPadOS devices. This limitation means that users with Android devices or lower-powered systems may face compatibility and performance issues​​.
  3. Restrictions in Customization: Users cannot create new brushes or access Illustrator brushes in Adobe Fresco. This restriction could be a drawback for artists who prefer highly personalized tools​​.
  4. No Support for Chrome OS: Adobe Fresco is not available for Chrome OS, which limits its accessibility for users of this operating system​​.

In conclusion, Adobe Fresco is lauded for its advanced brush features, realistic physics, and seamless integration with the Adobe suite, making it a strong choice for digital artists. However, its subscription model, limited compatibility, and certain restrictions in brush customization and platform availability are factors to consider before adoption.


Adobe Fresco, Adobe’s pressure-sensitive drawing and painting app, is tailored for use with stylus and touch devices. Designed to elevate digital illustration and painting, it stands out in the realm of creative software. Here is an expert perspective on the unique features and capabilities of Adobe Fresco:

  1. Innovative Brush Technology: Adobe Fresco is renowned for its extensive brush library, which includes pixel, live, and vector brushes. The live brushes, in particular, are a technological marvel, designed to mimic wet oil painting and watercolor paint realistically, thanks to Adobe Sensei AI technology. This feature allows artists to create natural-looking brush strokes and blends, offering an authentic painting experience that is hard to find in digital mediums​​.
  2. Versatility in Digital Art Creation: Adobe Fresco’s ability to utilize both vector and raster brushes in the same document sets it apart. This dual capability facilitates seamless integration with other Adobe programs like Photoshop and Illustrator, making it a versatile tool for artists who transition between raster and vector work. This integration streamlines the workflow, as raster layers and vector layers can be easily organized and identified by their own icons​​.
  3. Advanced Features for Creative Exploration: Adobe Fresco offers a range of advanced features that can significantly enhance the creative process. These include perspective grids and graphs, motion features, and liquify modes. Additionally, the app provides time-saving tips, methods to organize and manage brushes, and the ability to generate seamless tiling patterns. These advanced features enable artists to explore new dimensions in their artwork and experiment with a variety of artistic styles and techniques​​.
  4. Touch Shortcut for Enhanced Efficiency: An underutilized but powerful feature in Fresco is the Touch Shortcut. This floating translucent circle on the canvas provides quick access to various functions. It can be used to erase with the current pixel brush, create perfect circles or squares with selection tools, perform vector trimming, and quickly modify selections with the Lasso tool. This feature significantly speeds up the creative process and enhances the app’s usability​​.
  5. Multicolor Brushes and 3D Effects: Adobe Fresco’s Multicolor brushes allow artists to paint with multiple colors simultaneously, creating three-dimensional effects and unique textures. These brushes open up new avenues for creative expression, especially in creating custom visual styles and tool libraries. The Multicolor eyedropper and custom Multicolor brushes further expand the possibilities for artists to develop distinctive and dynamic works​​.
  6. Animation Capabilities: Adobe Fresco goes beyond static art creation by including animation features. It offers frame-by-frame and motion path animation, allowing for dynamic movement and transformation of artwork. These animation tools cater to both novices and experienced animators, offering scalability and flexibility in creative projects​​.
  7. Integration with Traditional Photography: Adobe Fresco supports the integration of traditional photography with digital illustration. Importing images is straightforward, and while the app is not primarily designed for photo editing, it allows for light editing tasks like distortions and selections. This feature broadens the scope of Fresco’s utility, enabling artists to blend photography with illustration for unique compositions​​.

In conclusion, Adobe Fresco is not just another digital art app; it is a comprehensive tool that blends innovative technology with artistic versatility. Its unique features, such as advanced brush technology, touch shortcuts, and animation capabilities, make it an invaluable asset for artists looking to push the boundaries of digital art creation.


  1. What is Adobe Fresco and who is it designed for?

    Adobe Fresco is a digital art application designed for illustrators, animators, and designers. It offers advanced brush technology and seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud.

  2. Can Adobe Fresco be used for professional animation?

    Yes, Adobe Fresco supports professional-grade animation with features like frame-by-frame and motion path animation, catering to both novices and experienced animators.

  3. Is Adobe Fresco available on Android devices?

    As of 2024, Adobe Fresco is primarily available for iOS, Windows, and macOS devices, but not for Android.

  4. Does Adobe Fresco support photo editing?

    Adobe Fresco allows for basic photo editing tasks but is primarily designed for digital painting and illustration. For advanced photo editing, Adobe Photoshop is recommended.

  5. Are there any costs associated with using Adobe Fresco?

    Adobe Fresco operates on a freemium model with a free version offering basic features. Access to premium features requires a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.

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