Spiff Sales Compensation Software

Spiff Sales Compensation Software

Key Features of Spiff Sales Compensation Software

Spiff is a modern sales commission software, distinguished by its innovative approach to commission management. It seamlessly blends the simplicity and familiarity of a spreadsheet interface with the efficiency and scalability of automation. This unique combination empowers organizations to efficiently manage their commission processes from start to finish in one comprehensive system. Key features of Spiff include:

  1. User-Friendly Design: Spiff Designer offers an intuitive spreadsheet-like usability, paired with the speed of automation, facilitating quick and efficient compensation plan creation, even for complex organizational structures​​.
  2. Transparency and Flexibility: Central to Spiff’s philosophy is the promotion of trust within organizations. This is achieved by offering transparent, flexible, and user-friendly solutions, ensuring real-time visibility at every step of the commission process​​.
  3. Motivation and Engagement: By leveraging the science of motivation, Spiff helps in fostering more engaged and motivated sales teams through its user-friendly features and functionality​​.
  4. Comprehensive Management System: Spiff provides a complete solution for managing commissions, encompassing all necessary tools and functionalities in a single platform, thus streamlining workflows and enhancing communication across teams​​​​.
  5. Growth-Driven Commission Programs: The platform is designed to be enterprise-ready, allowing easy modifications, team restructuring, and performance reporting, all aimed at driving growth within organizations​​.
  6. Integration Capabilities: Spiff offers robust integration options with existing tools for enhanced data accuracy and consistency, thereby reducing the time spent on report generation and correcting commission errors​​.
  7. Automated Complex Commission Plans: The software enables the automation of even the most intricate commission plans, simplifying the management process and eliminating common sales process challenges​​.
  8. Real-Time Data and Trust Enhancement: Spiff ensures the provision of accurate, real-time commission data, which improves trust, motivation, and job satisfaction within teams​​.
  9. Compliance and Administration Simplification: It aids in managing compliance issues, employee retention, and complex pay scales for commissioned employees, automating much of the administrative work​​.
  10. Centralized Commission Management: Serving as a single source of truth for all commission-related activities, Spiff allows for easy addition, removal, or alteration of data sources, integrating seamlessly with CRM, ERP, HCM, payroll platforms, and other systems​​.

In summary, Spiff stands out as a comprehensive, user-friendly, and flexible sales commission software, designed to streamline commission management processes, foster motivation and trust within teams, and support organizational growth through efficient and integrated solutions.


Spiff’s performance is highly regarded by its users for its efficiency and user-friendly interface. Key insights from user reviews highlight:

  1. Automation of Commission Processes: Spiff has significantly automated the commission process, providing compensation visibility to all sales representatives and allowing organizations to swiftly adapt to changes within the sales structure​​.
  2. Global Utility: The software is utilized globally for calculating sales commissions, replacing cumbersome spreadsheet processes and saving considerable effort and time​​.
  3. Insightful Data Access: Spiff offers clear insights into daily volumes and performance metrics, aligning them with monthly goals. Its ease of use on both mobile and PC platforms is particularly beneficial for field-based positions, enabling strategic discussions informed by real-time data​​.
  4. Mission-Critical Tool: Described as extremely helpful and user-friendly, Spiff is an integral part of workflow processes for many organizations, having been used effectively for around two years or more​​.
  5. Tracking Commissions and Performance: It is used to track commissions and overall performance, covering both renewals and new business, thus aiding in comprehensive performance management​​.
  6. User Experience and Visibility: The UX/UI of Spiff is praised for its user-friendliness, allowing employees to easily track their monthly payouts with visuals such as charts and numbers​​.
  7. Problem-Solving Capabilities: Spiff effectively addresses main issues like the accuracy and speed of commission calculation, and the visibility of the commission calculation process, including document management related to commissions​​.
  8. Elimination of Guesswork: Users appreciate how Spiff helps track commissions over time, allowing them to see their sales over the year and calculate expected payments, thus removing uncertainty about future paychecks​​.

In conclusion, Spiff is widely appreciated for its automation, global applicability, ease of use, and comprehensive tracking capabilities, making it a valuable tool in managing sales commissions and performance.


  1. Ease of Use: Spiff’s user interface is transparent and straightforward, making the platform easy to navigate for about 95% of users​​.
  2. Integration and Collaboration: Its integration with Salesforce and other CRM tools facilitates efficient communication across teams, enhancing collaborative efforts​​​​.
  3. Automation and Accuracy: The software is highly regarded for creating accurate commission plans and simplifying review processes, contributing to increased employee motivation​​.
  4. Real-Time Visibility and Transparency: Sales reps benefit from real-time access to commission data and can track every calculation, aligning performance with goals​​​​.
  5. Robust KPI Monitoring: The data visualization and KPI monitoring features are robust, providing comprehensive breakdowns of key performance indicators​​.
  6. Responsive Service and Support: The implementation teams are noted for their responsiveness and effectiveness in resolving issues​​.
  7. Scalability: Spiff is capable of scaling to any level of complexity and volume, making it suitable for organizations of all sizes​​.


  1. Speed and Performance Issues: Approximately 65% of reviewers have experienced bugs and errors affecting the overall speed of the platform​​.
  2. Lack of Initial Training: About 75% of users find the tool somewhat challenging to learn due to the lack of sufficient initial training​​.
  3. Mobile App Limitations: The mobile app, while useful, is reported to lack some features and requires improvement​​.
  4. Reporting Capabilities: Some users suggest that the reporting functionality could be more robust, as indicated by approximately 75% of reviewers​​.
  5. Limited Customization: There is room for improvement in terms of features and functionality customization, as noted by 76% of users​​.


Spiff, a sales compensation software, presents a robust and innovative approach to managing sales incentives and commissions. Its headquarters in Sandy, Utah, Spiff offers a dynamic sales commission engine and automation platform. The software notably combines the familiarity of a spreadsheet interface with high-level automation capabilities. This hybrid approach is designed to empower finance and sales operations teams, allowing them to efficiently manage complex incentive compensation plans without extensive technical support​​​​.

Central to Spiff’s offering are several key features:

  1. Sales Compensation Plan Creation: With a high user rating of 9.2/10, this feature emphasizes ease-of-use in designing and implementing sales compensation plans, appealing to 92% of its users. It supports the creation of varied compensation structures that can be tailored to different roles and performance metrics within an organization​​.
  2. Sales Compensation Dashboards & Forecasting: Rated at 9.1/10 by users, this feature provides insightful dashboards and forecasting tools. These tools offer real-time insights into sales performance relative to set targets, enabling sales teams and managers to make informed decisions based on current data trends​​.
  3. Sales Compensation Process Automation: Scoring 8.9/10, this functionality automates key processes related to sales compensation, such as incentive and quota plans, approvals, dispute resolution, and payroll processing. This automation is essential for enhancing operational efficiency and reducing manual errors​​.
  4. Complex Sales Crediting: Also rated 8.9/10, Spiff’s ability to handle complex sales crediting is critical for organizations with multi-tiered sales teams and partnerships. This feature allows for the attribution of sales credits to multiple levels within the sales hierarchy, ensuring fair and transparent compensation distribution​​.

Additional functionalities supported by Spiff include live calculations and real-time updates, plan document management, approval workflows, seamless integrations for automating commission data, and a comprehensive system activity log for easy auditing and compliance​​.

Spiff is designed to foster trust across organizations by providing increased visibility into performance and earnings, which in turn motivates sales teams and drives top-line growth. The software’s user interface (UI), extensive reporting capabilities, and integration options make it a valuable tool for enterprise organizations looking to streamline and enhance their sales compensation processes​​.

In summary, Spiff stands out in the sales compensation software market due to its user-friendly design, comprehensive feature set, and focus on automation and transparency. These attributes make it an effective tool for motivating sales teams and managing complex compensation structures in a dynamic business environment.


  1. What is Spiff and how does it assist in managing sales commissions?

    Spiff is a sales compensation software that automates commission calculations, offers real-time data visibility, and integrates with CRM systems to streamline commission management.

  2. Can Spiff integrate with existing CRM and ERP systems?

    Yes, Spiff seamlessly integrates with various CRM and ERP systems, ensuring data accuracy and streamlined commission management across your sales operations.

  3. How does Spiff improve sales team motivation and performance?

    By providing real-time commission data and transparent calculation processes, Spiff enhances motivation and aligns sales team performance with organizational goals.

  4. Is Spiff suitable for organizations of different sizes?

    Absolutely, Spiff is designed to scale with any business size, accommodating the complexity and volume of commissions for small businesses to large enterprises.

  5. Does Spiff offer support and training for new users?

    Spiff provides responsive customer support and implementation assistance, although some users suggest a need for more comprehensive initial training.

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