Pixlr Design Software

Pixlr Design Software

Key Features of Pixlr Design Software

Pixlr, founded in August 2008 by Ola Sevanderson, is a multifaceted design software offering a blend of photo editing and AI-powered design capabilities. This software, accessible via browser, phone, or desktop, is particularly user-friendly and suitable for both beginners and those with some experience in photo editing.

Key Features of Pixlr:

  1. Variety of Applications: Pixlr includes Pixlr Pro, Pixlr Editor, Pixlr X, and Pixlr Express, providing users with a range of tools suitable for various editing needs​​.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: Its interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it ideal for creating social media posts, banners, flyers, and more, even for those without prior design experience. It offers a collection of both free and paid templates​​.
  3. Photo Editing Tools: Pixlr’s photo editor is similar to Photoshop, offering a complete interface with a wide range of editing tools, customizable brushes, and support for multiple layers​​.
  4. Design Tool: It features a drag-and-drop design tool for graphic designs, including animations, text, and multiple layers. Users can create designs from scratch or use pre-made templates, with options to adjust size, quality, and background transparency​​.
  5. AI Image Generator: Pixlr’s AI image generator allows users to create images through text prompts, applying various styles like digital art, anime, and cinematic​​.
  6. Background Remover: This AI-powered tool removes backgrounds from images, supporting bulk uploads and offering different background options​​.
  7. Additional Tools: Pixlr provides tools like Photomash for creating profile pictures or branding images, a Batch Editor for editing multiple images simultaneously, and a Collage Maker for creating photo collages​​.
  8. Pricing and Premium Features: Pixlr offers both free and premium versions. The premium version, Pixlr Premium, at $7.99 per month, includes advanced features, a vast library of templates, fonts, elements, and an ad-free experience​​​​.

Overall, Pixlr stands out for its accessibility, range of tools, and suitability for a variety of users, from casual enthusiasts to more experienced editors.


Pixlr’s performance has been reviewed positively, especially for its ease of use and functionality in basic image editing and social media content creation. However, it has certain limitations and areas for improvement.

  1. Quick Photo Editing and Social Media Content Creation: Users appreciate Pixlr for quick photo edits and creating social media posts. Its intuitive design and reliability without experiencing outages make it a go-to tool for simple graphic editing tasks​​.
  2. User-Friendliness: The software is known for being user-friendly and easy to understand, making it accessible for people with little knowledge of photo editing. Unique features like brightening, darkening, auto fix, and auto contrast enhance the user experience, contributing to increased engagement on social media platforms​​.
  3. Basic Image Editing Capabilities: For basic image editing, Pixlr is effective, but it may not suffice for editing high-definition images or providing a full editing experience. It lacks some advanced editing tools and features like real-time editing and filter recommendations, which are found in other platforms​​.
  4. Limited Advanced Editing Features: While Pixlr supports essential features like layers and masks, it has limitations in advanced editing features. Performance and speed have been reported as low-quality, and it supports only a few file formats like JPEG and PNG. It’s also noted that Pixlr works only online​​.
  5. Use for Mockups: Pixlr X, in particular, is mentioned as a complete free web photo editing tool with essential controls and a selection of pre-made filters. It has been effectively used for working with mockups, although some tools like heal can be slow and buggy​​.

In summary, Pixlr is well-regarded for its user-friendly interface and basic editing capabilities, making it suitable for quick edits and social media content creation. However, for more advanced editing needs or high-definition image editing, users may find it necessary to combine Pixlr with other apps or tools.


  1. Intuitive User Interface: Users find Pixlr’s interface intuitive and easy to navigate, accommodating various needs, including exporting images in multiple file formats​​.
  2. Versatility for Quick Edits: Pixlr is highly valued for quick photo edits and creating social media content, especially by content creators who need efficient, on-the-go editing tools​​.
  3. User-Friendly for Beginners: Even those with minimal photo editing knowledge can use Pixlr effectively, with features like brightening, darkening, auto fix, and auto contrast being particularly appreciated​​.
  4. Cloud Integrations and Web-Based Access: Pixlr’s support for cloud integrations like Google Drive and Dropbox and its availability as a web-based platform in multiple languages add to its ease of use​​.
  5. Layered Editing and AI Features: The software offers layered editing and AI-based background separation, adding to its practicality and power​​.
  6. Accessibility and Cost-Effectiveness: Pixlr is accessible at a low cost, making it an attractive option compared to more expensive editing software​​.


  1. Limited Template Selection: Compared to other platforms like Canva, Pixlr offers fewer templates, although the selection is expanding​​.
  2. Lacks Advanced Editing Tools: For high-definition or premium-level image editing, Pixlr may not suffice on its own, lacking certain advanced editing tools and features​​.
  3. Advertisements in Free Version: The free version of Pixlr includes many advertisements, which some users find annoying and disruptive​​.
  4. Occasional Glitches and Interface Changes: Users have experienced occasional software glitches and find periodic changes in the interface, which can be confusing, especially for infrequent users​​.
  5. Limited Functionality for Professional Use: While suitable for basic editing tasks, Pixlr is considered to have limited functionality for professional-grade image editing​​.

Overall, Pixlr is appreciated for its user-friendly interface, accessibility, and quick editing capabilities, making it suitable for a range of basic to intermediate editing tasks. However, its limitations in advanced features, template selection, and occasional glitches are noted drawbacks.


Pixlr 2024 marks a significant leap in design technology, blending human creativity with AI-driven tools to elevate the creative process to new heights. Here’s a detailed overview of its standout features:

  1. AI-Powered Generative Tools: Pixlr 2024 introduces AI-powered Generative Tools that redefine artistic expression. These tools are adept at unleashing limitless creative possibilities, catering to both beginners and professionals​​.
  2. Generative Fill: This feature marks a revolution in image editing. It allows users to select an area in an image and prompt the AI to replace it seamlessly, saving time and ensuring precision in every image​​.
  3. Generative Expand: This tool effortlessly transforms the format of photos, such as converting a square photo into a horizontal or vertical layout, revealing unseen extensions of the original canvas​​.
  4. Generative Transform: It enables users to automatically separate objects from backgrounds and patch them up seamlessly, offering immense flexibility in image transformation​​.
  5. Super Sharp: This feature is a breakthrough in enhancing image clarity. It transforms blurry photos into clear, detailed images, maintaining the quality with AI assistance​​.
  6. Remove Noise: Particularly useful for photos taken in high-ISO or low-light conditions, this tool effectively reduces noise and grain while maintaining key details​​.
  7. Remove Background and Object: These tools allow for the seamless removal of unwanted elements from photos, creating a flawless final image​​​​.
  8. Backdrop: It gives images a new look and feel with a variety of unique backgrounds, adding depth and introducing motion blur for dynamic effects​​.
  9. Super Scale: A remarkable feature that enables upscaling images up to 400% without compromising detail quality​​.
  10. New Filters and Effects: Pixlr 2024 enhances images with a range of new filters and effects, boosting the quality and aesthetic appeal​​.
  11. High Dynamic Range (HDR): This filter improves image quality, ensuring richer detail in both shadows and highlights, giving every photo a professional touch​​.
  12. Reflect Effect: This tool morphs regular photos into extraordinary, visually appealing works of art, adding a unique personal touch to each creation​​.
  13. Pixlr Designer: A new addition that simplifies design tasks like grid creation and product imagery. It’s a powerful tool for generating eye-catching visuals and dynamic photo collages, inviting customization and design refinement​​.

In summary, Pixlr 2024 stands out for its integration of AI technology, which not only enhances the functionality and efficiency of design tasks but also democratizes design by making it accessible to a wider range of users, regardless of their skill level​​​​. The software’s innovative features, from Generative Tools to advanced filters, position it as a leading choice for both professional designers and hobbyists seeking a versatile, user-friendly, and powerful design tool.


  1. What is Pixlr and what are its key features?

    Pixlr is a versatile online photo editing and design tool, known for its user-friendly interface, AI-powered tools, and wide range of features including photo editing, design templates, and AI image generation.

  2. Is Pixlr free to use?

    Pixlr offers both a free version with basic features and a premium version, Pixlr Premium, which includes advanced editing tools and a vast library of resources for a monthly subscription fee.

  3. Can Pixlr be used for professional photo editing?

    While Pixlr is suitable for basic to intermediate photo editing tasks, it may not have all the advanced features required for high-end professional editing.

  4. Does Pixlr require software installation?

    Pixlr is primarily a web-based application, accessible through browsers on desktop and mobile devices, eliminating the need for software installation.

  5. How does Pixlr’s AI-powered tools enhance photo editing?

    Pixlr’s AI tools, such as AI Generative Fill and AI Remove Noise, simplify complex editing tasks like background removal, noise reduction, and content generation, making the process quicker and more efficient.

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